Why Our Approach to Pain Relief Often Works Even if You Have Tried Everything

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Most people who come to us are at the end of the line. They’ve tried it all (or at least they thought they did). We make no promises but here is what often works for them, even if they have exhausted every other treatment.


“Maddy hugs her mom after she ran for the first time in 2.5 years. She was training for a marathon when she fell ill.”

Here is what we do:

✔️ Balance the brain and nervous system for natural healing of pain triggers

✔️ Decrease inflammation which can reduce burning, shooting, stabbing pain and restore tone to the vagus nerve. Bringing balance to the autonomic nervous system for improved health, energy, and mental function

✔️ Magnetic resonance therapy for an improved immune system which reduces anxiety and stress

✔️ Reprogram the body with neuromuscular re-education for balance, coordination, and elimination of “stuck” patterns of emotion, illness, and trauma.

✔️ Personalized body retraining that eliminates “Pain States” so the brain relearns function

✔️ Atrophy prevention, relaxation of muscle spasms and improved blood circulation including increase range of motion

✔️ Oxygen therapy floods the body with healing nutrients through previously blocked pathways

✔️ Reduce scar tissue that blocks the flow of electric current and healing through your nerves

✔️ Heart rate therapy reads, maps, and translates your heart rate into healing sound frequencies.

✔️ Ionic therapy uses charged particles to purify and detoxify the body. This balances your PH (an important factor in health), reduces swelling, boosts immunity and removes harmful bacteria, fungus, and microorganisms.

Triathlon after treatment? Absolutely! So proud of Eva!
Triathlon after treatment? Absolutely! So proud of Eva!

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Based on your needs and health goals we develop a custom pain relief program. This often includes:

Nerve Adjustments

Gentle adjustments to the spine, limbs, and body restore communication between the brain and every cell in your body for self-healing

Vagus Nerve Therapy

Targeting one of the body’s most important systems, we initiate natural healing through improved nerve function

Magnetic Resonance

Targets your body’s tissues and molecular weight for a neurologic relaxation response. Over 100 protocols use electromagnetic fields tuned to relieve symptoms

Neuromuscular Re-Education

The body relearns how to function without pain. Helps formation of new neuropathways which forces the body to forget how it previously “Moved In Pain”

Oxygen Therapy

Floods cells with oxygenated plasma while carefully monitoring heart rate

Scar Tissue Therapy

Built on the revolutionary technology that is also used to break up kidney stones, we eliminate scars and adhesions. If left untreated scars can disrupt healing anywhere in the body

Therapeutic Heart Rate Variability

Track the heart rate to identify which rhythms are needed to initiate self-healing. Your rhythms are translated into healing sounds which fill-in-the-gap of the heart’s healing function through the Central Nervous System

Ionic Purification

Your feet are soaked in water positively charged with ions. This extracts toxins from the body because they are negativly charged. The water works like a magnet which pulls toxins out from your feet

Why did they take the leap of faith?

What is it worth to be pain-free?

Sometimes, even reducing your pain from an 8 to a 2 can help inspire tremendous hope.  This hope often allows people to want to live again. We are often told that we are the last hope for many, as they have exhausted every other treatment.

Discounted rates

Compared to modern medicine, surgery or traditional treatments we offer a discounted rate. A minor surgery or round of treatment can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our treatments are offered at a reduced medical rate because we care about helping.

Eliminate health bills

Being sick is expensive. Eliminating the root causes of illness can potentially save thousands of dollars in future medical bills. Not to mention the wasted time seeing doctor after doctor again and again…

Pain free living

Are you willing to live in pain for the rest of your life? For many, we are the only option which promises hope. Most people told us they were sick and tired of being sick and tired. Some were even on the verge of suicide.

Get your life back

Could you get back to a normal life free from symptoms like pain? Many of our patients were able to go back to work, have a family and do normal day-to-day activities they were previously unable to do.

Drug free solutions

Our services are drug free and non-invasive. Not everyone wants to be on pain medication. For example, many parents we see are looking for better treatment for their kids. We don’t perscribe opioids or ketamine.

12 Weeks to Freedom

We created a caring environment that supports healing. Our office environment is unlike any other doctor’s office you have experienced.

Most importantly relief is often experienced within the first few weeks of our 12 Week Pain Relief program.  

If you haven’t tried our 12 Week Pain Relief program have you really tried everything? If you’re open to a new, better way, then click the button below, explore our services, and call us for a consultation.