There’s Always a Reason

Consider these reasons to take a leap of faith.

Discounted rates

We often face criticism that our treatment is expensive and unaffordable to many. Most people do not realize that our treatment is actually much less expensive than others, such as pain programs offered by major hospitals across the US. In fact, our program costs about one-quarter of what these programs cost. The reason people perceive it as being more expensive is that insurance companies choose not to cover our services. We constantly struggle to provide quality care and technologies while keeping the cost of our program manageable. That being said, most of our patients have to go through extensive fundraising to be able to come to our clinic. We have a document that can assist you in this fundraising process.

Eliminate health bills

Being sick is expensive. Eliminating the root causes of illness can potentially save thousands of dollars in future medical bills. Not to mention the wasted time seeing doctor after doctor again and again.

Drug-free solutions

Our services are drug-free and non-invasive. Not everyone wants to be on pain medication. For example, many parents we see are looking for better treatment for their kids. We don’t prescribe opioids or ketamine.

Life after pain

Pain is a thief. Pain steals your hopes and dreams and ability to spend quality time with your loved ones. Chronic Pain takes joy away and leaves a person in your place that eventually, you don’t recognize. Most people don’t realize how much it means not to live in pain until they have lost this privilege. Dr. Katinka often says that regaining a life after the pain is a better life, filled with joy and gratitude, and quality. It is a privilege that those who fought to get their lives back never take for granted.

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