Shasta Culp

This clinic is absolutely amazing! How do you even begin to write a review for a clinic that saved your daughters life?! There is not enough gratitude or things I can say about this place that will ever be enough!

My daughter is sixteen years old and has had CRPS for two years that started with a fractured foot. We did not want to mask her pain, we wanted it gone!

Since she started her treatment here, she has hit a zero pain level, started reading as a hobby again, and is full of energy and life. We had no idea how much of her we had even lost.

The treatments work and the doctors and therapists are absolutely incredible. They laugh and cry with you and make you feel like you are part of their family. It is a journey but well worth it and they are with you every step.

Thank you Spero!! I am forever grateful. You gave us hope and our daughter back!

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CRPS treatment clinic patient Bria with dr.katinka