Putting into words what Spero Clinic has done for me is not an easy thing to do. Anything I could say about the clinic, the staff, and Dr. Katinka would fall far short of reality. I had CRPS for 24 years. I had fought it for as long as I was able and had made the decision to end my life. My wife heard about the clinic through a news story and wanted me to try it first. I have to say that I really thought that it was at best a typical “naturopathic”, hokey kind of outfit. I mean, it’s a chiropractic clinic right? What the hell could they do when I had exhausted EVERY “real” medical option. But since I was going to end my life anyway I decided to go just so I could tell my wife that I had literally tried everything. Even the absurd. (Sorry, Dr. K, but it was my honest opinion at the time 😁).

To make a long story short, I can tell anyone reading this that I am 99% pain free and my CRPS is in remission. I have had injuries since leaving the clinic that would have thrown me into full blown flare-ups in the past with no increase in or return of CRPS pain. I am three months into no opiate use after 24 years of needing ridiculously high amounts just to get through each day. I have been given back my life. I can’t say enough about Dr. Katinka and her relentless mission to help people overcome the nightmare of CRPS. The therapists are the most dedicated people I have met in my journey through hell. If what they’re doing isn’t working for you they are spending their personal time trying to find out how they can find a way to make it work. The staff were always positive and very helpful. These people come in to work everyday no matter what is happening in their personal life with such a positive attitude. I witnessed things there that seemed miraculous. Patients coming in in wheelchairs leaving being able to run.

I was probably the biggest skeptic to attend Spero and left with a deep and abiding appreciation for the personal and professional experience and expertise the people at Spero bring to their work. This is no traditional chiropractic clinic. This is Spero Clinic.

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