Ann Solomon

I am beyond grateful to The Spero Clinic. I suffered with CRPS for 20 long years. The last 2 years, became unbearable…I took a huge leap of faith and traveled to Arkansas from Detroit, MI. After 14 weeks of treatment, I was pain free! I am also off ALL medications and my spinal cord stimulator is off.

I have been through many trials and tribulations in life but this push was the hardest. It really tested my mental and physical. Healing my body was a roller coaster. Each day I took a deep breath. I decided each day to put my trust in these fine folks. I am so grateful I did.

The staff is filled with tough love, empathy, humor, extreme knowledge, dedication and compassion. The waiting room is filled with fellow patients who are fighting like hell just to show up. I have the utmost respect for everyone in that building. The bonds I made while there are unbreakable.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart 🧡

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CRPS treatment clinic patient Bria with dr.katinka