Judy Prokopiak

In Jan of 2023, I broke my ankle in multiple places requiring extensive surgery. I subsequently developed severe numbness as well as CRPS in my entire lower leg, making rehab quite challenging. Over the course of 5 months I was continuing to make slow progress, I continued to research the best options for full recovery ( being a nurse and also a very close relative had CRPS over 23 years ago).

While I could walk about 4k steps very slowly ( I forced myself to move) and could swim for an hour ( every step and every lap was painful) my gait was off, my hip and back hurt and I spent the rest of the day resting and recovering.

I decided that my best option was to get to the root causes of my pain and I started my healing journey at The Spero Clinic in June 2023- 6 months into my CRPS diagnosis.

From the first day, we began to connect the dots, recognizing that I have spent decades dealing with everything from Chronic EBV to hypermobility issues, to Mast cell activation syndrome and autoimmune colitis all from a dysregulated nervous system and spine issues.

The staff, the precise therapies, and the energy of the entire clinic fully supported my healing. Within two weeks my pain was significantly diminished and my mobility greatly improved to not only my leg, but also my hip bursitis, my back, neck and shoulder pain resolved.

I am especially grateful to Dr. K for her fortitude and vision of bringing hope and health to those suffering with CRPS/chronic Pain. And of course, the Clinic’s well trained and experienced staff specifically, my NMR therapist Bailey, My NIN therapists Heather and Tami, and my Lymph therapist Joy, who were instrumental in my recovery.

While I did need to leave after 6 weeks, due to family crisis and unsure if and when I will return, I still have a small amount of foot/leg numbness, I have zero CRPS pain.

After just 6 weeks of very challenging therapies, I am now able to walk over 11K steps without pain in my leg, hip or back, my gut issues are resolving, I have no insomnia and I am continuing to progress and getting back to the walking on the beach swimming, coaching my trauma clients, and being able to take care of those I love.

If you or a loved one are suffering with chronic pain… please know that there are answers, solutions, support, help and HOPE.

It is found in every heart and soul that works at The Spero Clinic… If you found this review it is not by accident, it was a divine intervention to remind you that you are not here to suffer but to be beautiful spiritual gift in this world.

May your journey back to health begin NOW.

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