Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a CRPS clinic close to me?

At this time, the only place in the world that offers our unique system to treat CRPS is in our Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA location. For this reason, most of our patients travel to our clinic to enter our program.


How will I know if this CRPS treatment can help me?

As with everything in life, unfortunately, there are no guarantees. We understand that many people who turn to us for help have been disappointed many times before, and therefore, we try to do everything in our power to ensure that if our center is a good fit for you. We usually advise people that if our system is going to make a difference for you, you should see some kind of significant or noticeable change within the first weeks of treatment.


Is your treatment the same as ________ (ketamine, calmare, chiropractic techniques, etc.)

Our treatment system is specific and unique. We do NOT use Ketamine, TENS units, Calmare therapy, myofascial release, massage, or anything not listed above in “Our Punch System” as described below. While we are huge supporters of chiropractic, it is important to note that our technique is VERY specific and that no one else in the world provides it at this time.


Should I stop taking my medications prior to care?

We do NOT advise that you change your medications prior to coming here. When we treat you, it is important that we compare apples with apples, so to speak. Any abrupt recent change may affect your outcome negatively. Any changes made to prescription medications need to happen under the care of a licensed medical professional. If you need to see a medical doctor while under care we will refer you to one.


Can you treat me even though I have a spinal cord stimulator?

We have treated patients with spinal cord stimulators in the past, with the written permission of their medical provider. Please let us know if you have a spinal cord stimulator and we will assist you in the steps you need to take prior to care.


How do I make an appointment?

You may contact our team at (479) 304-8202 or click the “Get Started” button below to access our patient portal.

By accessing the patient portal, you will gain information on a typical patient’s journey at the Spero Clinic along with information on what to expect, pricing, patient testimonials, resources, and more!

Do you treat ___________ ? (insert condition)

Often, patients send us emails asking if we treat specific conditions. We do not treat ANY specific condition. This may sound strange at first, so let us explain. Patients have been conditioned to believe that every diagnosis is treated in a specific manner. In this system, it is crucial to know what you suffer from to be treated effectively. Our approach is very different. Our ONLY goal is to remove nerve interference (anything that stops your central nervous system from functioning optimally) and to restore balance to the central nervous system. Therefore, any patient that has a brain and a spinal cord suffering from any symptom, syndrome or disease involving the nervous system may respond well to our work.


What is your success rate?

While we cannot guarantee any kind of specific success rate, we see many success stories and we try to share that on social media as often as possible. The definition of success is different for every person. Some people experience complete remission and some people find that it is now possible to lead a fairly normal life with manageable pain levels.


What if I have been sick too long?

We have treated patients who have suffered for many decades. We do not find that the length of time that you have suffered seems to affect your outcome adversely.


Why don’t you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, the majority of insurance companies do not reimburse for our type of care, nor the frequency of care that we recommend. That being said, we will provide you with a “receipt” or ‘superbill’ with all relevant codes that you may turn in to your insurance company to be reimbursed whenever reimbursement is allowed.


Is lodging included with your care?

At this time, our center is an outpatient center, meaning that we do not provide lodging nor transport. Our staff may be able to assist you if you need help with either before coming.




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