Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (crps), Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (rsd) and what really causes pain after injury.

Nerve Pain Relief With The Latest Science

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Which Describes You?


Patients have reported pain relief from …

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

  • Often misdiagnosed
  • Manifests after an injury or activating event
  • 10 out of 10 pain
  • Affects one limb then spreads through the body
  • Hopelessness, depression, and gastroparesis is common

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

  • Can be identified in youth
  • Loose skin, joints, and odd scar formation
  • Chronic pain in joints and easy bruising

Chronic Epstein-Barr (Mononucleosis)

  • Unable to control infection with virus
  • Disease is progressive
  • Severe fatigue
  • Decreased immune system
  • Headaches

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia (POTS)

  • Lightheaded, blurry vision, and weakness
  • Chronic headaches, IBS, and insomnia
  • Abnormally high heart rate
  • Orthostatic intolerance (OI)

How We Achieve Nerve Pain Relief

We are here to provide you with the tools to help better understand the pain and symptoms of conditions that create burning, sharp, or shooting nerve pain.


There is no greater gift than the compassion and caring that comes from hope. Here is why we help deliver knowledge and better support for how to overcome severe pain. 

Most of the people we help in our office told us that they once lost hope.

Some of our patients were previously on the edge of suicide. They were told that the only treatment options available to them aimed to “numb” their constant pain. That is one reason many people can feel hopeless.

Very few doctors understand that in order to obtain healing, the body should be approached as a whole. If treating symptoms worked, you should have been better by now, right?

How do we know?

We recently surveyed our previous patients and they typically report a dramatic reduction of pain. Over 80% of people reported that their nerve pain was significantly reduced or eliminated completely.

While no one can guarantee anything, including pain relief, we promise to provide the most innovative care, delivered in a loving environment by people who care about your recovery.

The majority of our patients report noticeable pain relief early in treatment.

Our patients who are successful take the time to understand their own symptoms and how they are connected to their diagnosis. They get better by knowing what is going on in their body and how one problem links to another.  Maybe you can too can learn about CRPS and the latest treatment for complex regional pain syndrome. Here is what they know …


Dr. Katinka van der Merwe

Creator of the World’s Leading
12 Week Pain Relief Program

“I am now CRPS pain-free! …”

  • “I can’t say enough good things about NRC and all doctors and staff there. I had CRPS and was in level 8-10 pain for 4 years.

    Thanks to this clinic I am now CRPS pain-free! That’s right! Zero pain! They are caring, welcoming, and comforting! After dealing with many doctors who didn’t have a clue what CRPS was and more treatments than I can count that didn’t work, finding the NRC changed my life!”

    -Melissa Tomlinson

What is Pain Management Really?

Many people we treat were originally misdiagnosed. Their test results failed to identify their underlying health issues and pain after injury. Their symptoms, like lasting pain, have a root cause and we explore the solution together.

They’ve told us that as the weeks, months, and years go by they navigated an endless maze of specialists, often painful tests, and ineffective treatments. So what does all this mean?

Simply put: A lot of medical professionals have ethier never heard of nerve conditions like CRPS or they are limited to treatment options that include treatments, surgeries, or drugs that have negative side effects. They don’t specialize in recognizing and eliminating pain and root causes. Instead, they focus on masking symptoms. 

Sometimes they are even skeptical of chronic pain sufferers. In addition, mind-numbing daily pain may have robbed you of many of the pleasurable things you once enjoyed.

Let’s be honest …

We have yet to meet any patient who told us that he or she, or even someone he or she knew, was “cured” by any drug. Most doctors “treat” nerve pain by masking the pain. These pain management treatments with drugs or medications (at best) will (somewhat) cover up your pain symptoms. Does that make sense?

That is why people tell us they simply want to feel better but nothing else has worked. Most of our patients have already exhausted all other nerve pain treatments with unsuccessful results. Before visiting our office they were still in pain. But there is another way.

Here is how it works:

“Other doctors told us we were hopeless cases …”

  • “This place is a place of healing, both physically and emotionally from diseases that many other doctors have given up on, or told us that we were “hopeless cases”. The doctors and staff are dedicated, gifted, compassionate and like a second family! I had given up before finding this place after a long 8 year battle with CRPS and it has given me hope back.

    I have seen many people heal completely and get much better from the treatments here. I believe anyone would be lucky to be a patient here! The atmosphere of the “clinic” isn’t clinical at all but more of a family living room, where patients are laughing, crying, supporting and talking with one another. There is no place like it anywhere!”

    -Laura Driscoll

Possible Causes of Your Pain

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? Is there a new treatment for complex regional pain syndrome, formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)?

You probably already know that your body is able to heal itself.  Your body is incredibly intelligent because trillions of your body’s cells are being repaired or replaced automatically. All of this and more without a thought from you. 


When your body is functioning properly healing can be automatic. For example, remember what happens when someone breaks a leg. Their body naturally heals itself. The doctor only sets the leg back in place (fixing the misalignment) and healing occurs automatically. Healing is normal and routine in everyone’s body.

However, there may be something momentarily blocking healing for you. To find out what is interfering with your body’s undeniable healing ability you have to ask yourself a question …

What is preventing me from getting better? What interferes with my body’s ability to maintain, repair and get rid of disease? Well, here is the secret:

The hidden secret standing between you and pain relief is nerve interference in the Central Nervous System. Imbalances in the body create this “interference” between the brain and the body. 

Three R’s to relief for chronic nerve pain:

  1. Remove the imbalances in the body which …
  2. Relieve the pain and symptoms naturally after improving the brain’s ability to initiate healing 
  3. Restore the body’s healing ability by eliminating the Central Nervous System’s blocks which interferes with the brain’s ability to initiate healing in the body … 

When nerve interference is present the signals from the brain to the body are not sent and received optimally. Blocks and interference in your nervous system allow symptoms, conditions, and pain to manifest. 

Imbalances in the Central Nervous System are what we believe are the underlying causes of shooting, burning, and chronic pain. The brain and cells are not in communication as they should be.

But honestly, this isn’t the whole story.

We find the root causes of disease and eliminate them. We find that the cause of most pain and disease in patients is found in the Central Nervous System.  In return, by eliminating these underlying issues many patients report relief from pain.

It is simple when you think about it.

Why not get rid of the underlying cause instead of masking symptoms with potentially harmful drugs and surgery?  

Outdated techniques focus on symptoms like pain. It is like putting tape over your car’s check engine light instead of fixing the root problem.

For example, we often find if we can increase the brain’s communication with the body through the vagus nerve patients report relief.  But you still may ask, “Why repair the nervous system to its full functionality and initiate healing naturally?” 

One of the benefits of our multidisciplinary system is that it works to alleviate misdiagnosed neurological dysfunction.  You probably already know the benefits of eliminating the real root cause of disease and pain but there is more.

Think about this for a moment …

What we find in our office is that nerve dysfunction is most often the cause of chronic pain.  That is why it works. We treat your whole body, not just a condition or a disease.

Doesn’t that make sense?

12 Weeks to Freedom

We created a caring environment that supports healing. Our office environment is unlike any other doctor’s office you have experienced.

Most importantly relief is often experienced within the first few weeks of our 12 Week Pain Relief program.  

If you haven’t tried our 12 Week Pain Relief program have you really tried everything? If you’re open to a new, better way, then click the button below, explore our services, and call us for a consultation.