About the Book

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe is included in the list of more than forty influential medical professionals who have contributed to the best-selling Amazon book, Wakeup: Miracles of Healing From Around the World, available now in Kindle format and in paperback.

The book focuses on the miracles that this collection of doctors have seen in the medical world. It serves a workbook of sorts to help expose patients and other medical professionals to these miracles, both small and large. The goal is to bring hope to those currently living through medical emergencies and issues, proving that miracles are possible, no matter how slim the odds may seem.

“I enjoyed writing my part of this book almost as much as I enjoyed reading the perspectives of other doctors,” Dr. Katinka explained. “It is always interesting to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I was able to learn things and look at situations with a fresh perspective, and what I learned will absolutely stick with me as I continue to help my patients for years to come.“

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