Eva F.

I will remember Dr. Katinka all my life as the doctor who gave my life back. For me, she is a health provider that had the courage, the passion, and the skills to find a new protocol for chronic CRPS, a very complex condition. This condition, for many health providers, is not treatable. I came to this clinic really hopeless after having CRPS for 5.5 years. I gave Dr. Katinka the time, my trust, and my co-operation to find the best personal way to heal me. And yes, I did, and I saw with my own eyes that so many other patients did also. After only ten weeks, I flew back home and started building my adult life for the first time. No wheelchair or crutches anymore. A miracle happened. I run, bike, swim, climb. Dr. Katinka chose her team wisely, making the clinic a place of professionalism, passion, and positivity

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CRPS treatment clinic patient Bria with dr.katinka