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CRPS in Foot or Ankle Before and Afters at The Spero Clinic

  • Foot CRPS Treatment before and after
  • Foot Ankle CRPS Before and After Treatment
  • leg CRPS before and after treatment
  • Foot CRPS Treatment before and after
  • foot crps before and after
  • CRPS Treatment before and after
  • CRPS Treatment before and after
  • CRPS Treatment Before and After Treatment at The Spero Clinic
  • CRPS Treatment Before and After
Dum Spero Spiro

Treating the Body as a Whole

It is our experience that the majority of CRPS patients will therefore experience a spread of their CRPS symptoms to other body parts, including the upper body. This is the reason that we advocate treating the body as a whole, with a special emphasis on rehabilitating the central nervous system.

Patients who suffer from CRPS in the foot and/or ankle(s) will often report co-concurrent diagnoses such as plantar fasciitis, the loss of the fat pad in the feet, and loss of range of motion in the ankle, foot and toe joints.

Introductory Patient Program

Spero Clinic offers a short introductory program for those seeking pain relief. It is not a full treatment program but still serves as an excellent first step to recovery.

If interested in our Introductory Patient Program, we offer a $49 Zoom Consultation with Dr. Katinka.

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