Kim Rowan

Spero Clinic has been a godsend to our family. Before Spero, my daughter had no quality of life and had given up all hope. She was in constant 10+ pain and was miserable. We spent years in an endless loop with traditional medical providers, either they didn’t understand her condition (and were reluctant to admit that) or the treatments they provided made her worse (spinal stimulator, worse decision ever).

Back in 2019, we had just come from her neurologist who basically told her there was nothing more they could do for her – that was the lowest of the lows. That night I stumbled upon a local newspaper article about a woman from our area who had just came back from Spero, her symptoms were exactly what my daughter had. I called the Clinic the next day. I spoke with Anna, waiting to be told I would need a referral and months for an appointment. What a relief when she said I didn’t need any of that and she got us in.

We spent the summer of 2019 at the clinic. We saw improvements in just a couple of weeks. By the time we left, her pain went away, she got her flexibility back and her personality came back.

They have an assortment of modalities, when used in combination, have been very effective. You work with your therapist to find the right combination and maximize your treatment. We have since been back for some tune up/follow up visits which have been so helpful. They strive to find and implement new modalities to maximize treatment.

Spero is a unique place. The waiting room is one of the best things about the clinic. There you meet other families from all over the county and all over the world. The stories and the experiences you hear about are very similar to your own. There’s an instant camaraderie with the patients and their families that you meet, it provides so much support when you are far away from home. And nothing is better than to watch someone come in to the clinic in a wheelchair, and walk out of their post treatment. We saw many, many miracles, you just need to look at the stories on their facebook page.

I cannot recommend Spero enough. Anyone looking to go there should at least do the introductory visit. There’s been a lot of comments out there from people who have never been, their comments are based on what they have “heard”. I can tell you emphatically, we were there, we were successful and we are forever grateful for what the clinic did for us. The staff is top notch, very compassionate and truly committed to healing. It works, simple as that.

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