About the Book

Do you suffer from EDS/POTS? Have you been told that your condition is genetic and therefore you just have to learn to live with it? Have you been told that all your odd symptoms are not related to EDS/POTS? Have you tried so many different treatments, supplements, or diets that did not help?

This book is for you. This book will explain many of your strange symptoms and how they may all be connected. It offers a whole-body approach to improve your health and return you to a better quality life. Finally, you will understand how your central nervous system is the way to healing, and have renewed hope.

A Paradigm Shift in Treating EDS/POTS is focused around EDS/POTS and the diseases that are connected to it and how to help heal.

POTS now affects about one million individuals in the United States alone.

While Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is vastly under-diagnosed, it is estimated that eighty percent of patients with POTS also suffer from EDS.

Up until now, patients who suffer from one or both conditions were left with very few options.

However, a careful understanding of the body’s ability to remain mostly symptom-free, if given the correct whole-body support (with a special emphasis on nervous system rehabilitation), may change the way you approach these conditions, and offer you renewed hope.

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