Chuck Swift

After 10 years of severe chronic groin pain, 24 surgeries, and visits to Stanford, the Cleveland Clinic, Cedars Sinai, John Hopkins, and many other places – on my third day at the Spero Clinic I had two hours of ZERO pain!

It came back, as expected, but after just two weeks here: My pain continues to be occasionally improved, as well as my many significant GI and immune system issues.

As a business consultant, I’ve also never seen a workforce as happy, passionate, and effective. They are a pleasure to be with.

There is no way to help you understand how impactful this is for me after all this time.

I am now hopeful again for the first time in many years…and I’ve only just begun!

Don’t take my word for it; do yourself a favor and reach out to this clinic ASAP.

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CRPS treatment clinic patient Bria with dr.katinka