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We just completed treatment at The Spero Clinic with our 13 year old daughter. We can say she is pain free after a 3 year journey.

A year after our diagnosis we were referred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and completed their program. They worked to get our daughter’s function back but did not care about the pain. We left CHOP feeling like she would have to live the rest of her life with a 7/10 pain.

We did not give up and kept looking until we found Spero. We arrived and after three weeks were given a 15 month estimate. After some ups and downs and 19 weeks of treatment our daughter is pain free and in remission.

We are so thankful for The Spero Clinic and the staff. They were welcoming and the environment felt like family as we were all working towards the same goal of being pain free.

I am a father of three girls and AD military. This was not an easy decision but worth the time and money we spent to get our daughter pain free.

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