Kathryn Fisher

When your doctor says you have CRPS, and you go home and research it – and it says the suicide disease, a death sentence. It is pretty alarming, but nothing compared to the burning, pins and needles, deep ache, half inch pieces of red, hot, molten wire, and shooting pains you are experiencing all at once. The air increases the pain so much you have to put your arm in a bamboo pillowcase, all resulting from falling and breaking your wrist. You find out you’re a one in 5000 statistic. My doctor offered me medications, nerve blocks, physical therapy, unfortunately, I am also a rare one that has not tolerated medication and has had bad results from anesthesia.

As I researched CRPS, The Spero Clinic kept popping up! I opened the site and started reading articles and watching some of the videos. People in wheelchairs were learning to walk again. People with body CRPS were becoming pain-free.

I had many talks with the clinic to find out how in the world I could come from Washington state to Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Of course, this was not covered by my insurance. However, life without health is nothing. With the help of family and friends, I found the money and came to The Spero Clinic. I was very lucky that pain relief came very quickly, I had to continue working on the contracture in my right hand. Without pain, I felt like living again, I felt I could live again!

All of the treatments at Spero Clinic build you up to handle what it takes to get better. It’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also a miracle that at 71 I feel absolutely wonderful. Spero Clinic is an amazing bubble of miracles, optimism, and futuristic treatments.

I thank God every day I found it!

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