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CRPS - Whole Body Healing From Within

Patients with CRPS in the hands may also be burdened with other conditions, including muscle atrophy, bone deterioration, and mental health issues.

The Spero Clinic focuses on whole-body healing through restoration of the central nervous system. Intervention and treatment is crucial for patients with CRPS in the hand or any other location throughout the body.

Dr. Katinka identified that CRPS affected the patient’s entire body and developed a treatment program that would effectively restore balance. Her world-renowned treatment for CRPS works by identifying the underlying causes of CRPS, and other contributing medical conditions, and treating the body from within.

Introductory Patient Program

Spero Clinic offers a short introductory program for those seeking pain relief. It is not a full treatment program but still serves as an excellent first step to recovery.

Start your patient journey with the Spero Clinic's neurologic rehabilitation program.

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CRPS treatment clinic patient Bria with dr.katinka