Annie C.

My name is Annie and I’ve had CRPS for almost 4 years.

If Hell was a medical condition, it’s name would be CRPS. I was bed ridden at times, crawling to be somewhat mobile, screaming in pain from the slightest movement or touch, all while feeling like my body was being burned alive every day. I sustained an injury to my left ankle and about a month later, I was diagnosed with CRPS.

My journey to get to this point was severely treacherous. I had tried everything from Stem Cell Therapy to Acupuncture, to Spinal Blocks and Ketamine- nothing seemed to decrease the pain. As my depression, anxiety and pain grew, so did my CRPS- it started to spread to other areas of my body. This battle we fight called CRPS was almost lost, until I found The Spero Clinic.

I had given up all hope; I was an empty shell with a lost soul trying to survive each day, and my 13 week journey at the Spero Clinic with these incredible human beings changed my life forever. Their approach to healing the nervous system started to work just after 4 days of treatment and my body was changing right before my eyes. The journey was a tough, but a FULLFILLING one- and I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, they have become my family. I will always hold this place so dear to my heart as they literally brought life back to me and gave me wings to fly. I am in FULL REMISSION and now able to live a pain free life. I am eternally grateful to you all.

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