Laying The Groundwork

Spero Clinic is now offering a short introductory program for those seeking pain relief. This program does not replace our full treatment program, but rather, serves as an excellent first step to recovery.

In the event you cannot enter our full program, our introductory program is still beneficial as it will provide you with a solid foundation to assist your body in beginning the healing process. Additionally, you will have a chance to meet other patients undergoing treatment and interact with our staff!

If you are considering our twelve-week neurologic recovery program, or are already booked to start the program, you may sign up for the introductory patient program here.

Consultation with Dr. Katinka

Dr. Katinka offers a $49 Zoom consultation to answer your questions about the program and help you understand if it is the right fit for you.

Start your patient journey with the Spero Clinic's neurologic rehabilitation program.

Have questions first? Call or text us! (479) 304-8202