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Teen crippled by ‘world’s most painful condition’

Source: news.com.au, Hannah Paine


“When Stella Artuso injured herself playing sport at age 12, she thought the worst of it would be a sprained ankle—but instead the injury would trigger a condition that left the Brisbane teen feeling like her ‘veins are on fire’ almost five years later.”

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe on CBS News

Source: 3TV/CBS 5 “They take their own life because they feel so alone and they’re in so much pain,” Hansen said.


Kayla Hansen had a small incident at her work that turned into chronic pain. CBS news reports on how Dr. Katinka is helping her overcome her chronic pain.


Albany Times Union News On Dr. Katinka’s World-Wide Reputation For Research And Treatment of CRPS

Source: Times Union reports on Gemma Bianchi’s struggle with CRPS.


“I loved my life — and in one day, it flipped completely upside down.” She states. At the clinic she reported a reduction in pain. “I witnessed miracles there,” she said. “She took people who had been wheelchair-bound for months or even years and got them walking again.”

Positive Reports After Two Years Of Suffering

Source: The Sacramento Bee, a daily newspaper published in Sacramento, California, reports on Dr. Katinka giving hope to chronic pain sufferer.


Tommy Haack experienced debilitating chronic pain for over two years. At one point it is reported that he was unable to even wear pants or walk without pain. Dr. Katinka recommended an experimental treatment which Haack responded positively towards.


NBC Reports On Dr. Katinka’s Fibromyalgia Treatment

Source: KNWA NBC reports on the breakthrough results achieved by Dr. Katinka working with Fibromyalgia patients.

ABC Invites Dr. Katinka To Share Her Specialty In Pain Management

Source: 4029 ABC invites pain management specialist, Dr. Katinka, to share expert advice for CRPS awareness month.


InForum Reports On CRPS Treatments At The Spero Clinic

Source:InForum. After experiencing a minor injury Ceciley Maxa experiences extreme pain and CRPS. InForum reports treatment has given her hope to be pain-free.

ABC Australia Shares Dr. Katinka’s Message Of Hope

Source: ABC reports on The Spero Clinic’s success with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)


News Outlets Explode About 100% Success Rate On “Incurable” Disease

Source: Yahoo!, Hawaii News, Daily Mail, The Bulletin, AOL, New.Au, Daily Examiner, Khon 2, The Star Post. Moana Ruhfass was diagnosed with CRPS in 2013. Eventually it grew to 24/7 pain. After she raised over $44,566 to fund her trip across the globe to the Spero Clinic news stations all over the world reported about 2019’s 100% success rate with CRPS patients from Australia.