Emily Gives Her Testimonial Of Her Journey With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Video Summary

  • Emily has been living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) for 13 years, experiencing intense pain that made daily functioning difficult.
  • Before coming to the clinic, she faced debilitating pain with levels consistently around seven or eight out of ten, severely limiting her ability to attend classes or work.
  • After treatment, Emily reports a dramatic reduction in pain, now rating it at zero, indicating complete relief.
  • The improvement in her condition has greatly enhanced her quality of life, giving her the freedom to work and engage in everyday activities without having to make constant compromises.
  • Emily expresses immense relief and excitement about her newfound ability to live a normal life, reflecting a significant transformation in her personal and professional outlook.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from Neurological Dysfunction, nerve pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Fibromyalgia there is hope!

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Suffering from a Neurological disorder can be incredibly isolating, hopeless and frightening and we understand that. Our treatment protocols are not meant to directly treat CRPS. What we work to achieve is the rehabilitation of the central nervous system.

The nervous system is a collective of nerves stemming throughout your body with the brain as the controller. Your nervous system controls all of the information that your body transmits to communicate with your brain. In the case of CRPS, your nervous system being damaged, can severely malfunction and send signals in the extreme to simple sensory input. i.e. – the wind blows on your hands and it feels like a terrible burn. By relaxing and rehabilitating the nervous system, as well as correcting any other imbalances within your brain and body, we hope to reset and restore the proper functionality of the systems within your body.

** We are currently the only facility in the world offering this treatment, our expertise is constantly being developed.

Each patient brings new knowledge and a better understanding of conditions that are widely misunderstood. At The Spero Clinic, it enables us to consistently mold and change our treatment protocol to be the most effective that we possibly can.


Video Transcript

  • [What brought you to Spero?]
  • “I’ve had CRPS for 13 years, 13 years yeah, I was in just so much pain I couldn’t function.”
  • “Wow, sorry, I would really try, went into class and then I was in bed just for days after.”
  • “I just knew in the back of my head that like I would never have a normal life, that I wouldn’t be able to work, and that like kind of almost like my life like peaked, like that was it.”
  • “What was your pain level before you got here?”
  • “Probably seven or eight every day…”
  • “What’s your pain level today?
  • “Zero, yay!”
  • [What are you looking forward to going home?]
  • “Oh goodness, if I have a blank slate, I’m so excited to work and just do normal things and just not have to like pick and choose what I do each day… just to live a normal life.”
  • “That’s awesome.”

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