Julian Gives His Testimonial Of His Journey With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Video Summary

  • Julian developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) two years ago following a foot injury, which led to inflammation and severe pain spreading from his feet up his body, affecting his ability to walk and use his hands.
  • After struggling with CRPS and its debilitating effects, including being wheelchair-bound, Julian sought help outside of traditional Western medicine and discovered The Spero Clinic, which gave him hope.
  • His pain levels, which previously fluctuated between severe (as high as eight to ten) and moderate, have significantly decreased since starting treatment at The Spero Clinic, with recent levels sometimes reaching zero.
  • Significant improvements in his condition have allowed Julian to enjoy outdoor activities again and look forward to resuming his education, which was interrupted by the onset of CRPS.
  • Julian expresses gratitude for the treatment at The Spero Clinic, noting the substantial reduction in pain and the ability to engage in daily activities and life ambitions that were previously hindered by CRPS.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from Neurological Dysfunction, nerve pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Fibromyalgia there is hope!

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Suffering from a Neurological disorder can be incredibly isolating, hopeless and frightening and we understand that. Our treatment protocols are not meant to directly treat CRPS. What we work to achieve is the rehabilitation of the central nervous system.

The nervous system is a collective of nerves stemming throughout your body with the brain as the controller. Your nervous system controls all of the information that your body transmits to communicate with your brain. In the case of CRPS, your nervous system being damaged, can severely malfunction and send signals in the extreme to simple sensory input. i.e. – the wind blows on your hands and it feels like a terrible burn. By relaxing and rehabilitating the nervous system, as well as correcting any other imbalances within your brain and body, we hope to reset and restore the proper functionality of the systems within your body.

** We are currently the only facility in the world offering this treatment, our expertise is constantly being developed.

Each patient brings new knowledge and a better understanding of conditions that are widely misunderstood. At The Spero Clinic, it enables us to consistently mold and change our treatment protocol to be the most effective that we possibly can.


Video Transcript

  • (Flashback – discussing pain symptoms)
  • [where are you experiencing pain? what symptoms are your biggest concern?]
  • Mostly the inflammation in my feet that kind of started with my foot injury two years ago and just kind of spread up my body. So, the feet is the biggest concern because I have a lot of trouble just walking with a normal stride and like at a decent pace. So I would say that and probably my hands, too, because sometimes I have a little bit of trouble writing and just like using my hands too much for normal activities.
  • (Graduation day – current)
  • So um I had CRPS. It started about two years ago with a foot injury and then my foot started burning and it just spread up my body and I was in a wheelchair for a while.
  • I found out about Spero online and I finally felt like I had a sense of hope after being bounced around the Western medicine world for a long time so it took me two years to get here, but I finally made it so that’s what brought me here.
  • (Flashback – discussing pain symptoms)
  • [what are your pain levels at?]
  • In the past few weeks, it’s been roughly I would say fluctuating between two and three. Like maybe earlier this year, it was like as bad as a seven, so kind of grateful that I got [my pain] down before even getting here. Thankfully, I had been able to get it down quite a bit before I even arrived at the clinic.
  • (Graduation day – current)
  • So, when I got here, I think my worst would have been like a four. Before that though, it would have been like an eight- like maybe close to a 10 at times.
  • And what is it today today?
  • I’ve been at zero for like long stretches of time. I would say like at the worst now it’ll get like at a 0.5.
  • (Flashback – First Day at Spero – discussing pain symptoms)
  • [what are your goals for after graduating the Neurologic Relief program?]
  • I’d say the biggest thing is being able to just like enjoy the outdoors again- to take walks. I used to play the piano a lot. I can’t really do that anymore. So just enjoying the things that I used to enjoy.
  • (Graduation day – current)
  • [what are your goals now?]
  • Just getting back to my life, going back to school. I was in the middle of working on my bachelor’s degree when the CRPS started and it just got cut short so I’m just looking forward to continuing uh with my education.

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