Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Success Rates

Ten years ago, Dr. Katinka treated her first patient suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  He is still in remission today.  Dr. Katinka and her team have a novel holistic approach where the body is treated as a whole and every part is connected to every other part.  Our system is unique in that unlike the medical approach, we do not treat symptoms or conditions.  We treat and rehabilitate the central nervous system so that the body can heal from within. 

Dr. Katinka has a singular focus of increasing her success rate and helping patients that everybody else has given up on.  Her team’s philosophy is to search the world for the most cutting edge treatments, and bring them together in a system where each treatment enhances every other treatment.  While each treatment is perhaps successful on its own, it becomes exponentially more powerful when used in combination with other treatments at the same time – creating a synergistic effect that allows Dr. Katinka’s team to produce incredible results. She refers to this as the “shock and awe” effect.

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Through the years, the Spero Clinic has documented their success cases via social media.  After treating nearly 500 patients suffering from conditions like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, we have noticed definitive patterns – such as certain viral and/or bacterial infections affecting patients with chronic neurologic pain.  During this conference, we cover some of these patterns and our treatment system that is not offered anywhere else in the world at this time.  We have received very positive feedback after our first conference and have had many people tell us that it offered them hope when they had lost all hope.  For this reason, we wanted to make this conference available to anyone who suffers from daily excruciating pain.  

All proceeds from the conference will be donated directly to The Burning Limb Foundation – a nonprofit whose mission is to provide help to those suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.