How Do You Get CRPS?

If you are suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or you love or care about someone who suffers from CRPS, you’ve probably already asked yourself “Why me?” “Why them?” “How did this happen?”Spero Clinic CRPS

Often, patients will think – if only.  If only I didn’t twist my ankle that day.  If only I didn’t fall on that filing cabinet.  If only I wasn’t in that car accident.  I have news for you that might help you in some way.

This is my hypothesis, and strong belief, based on all of my experience and the hundreds of CRPS patients that I treated:  The accident that finally triggered your pain was not the only thing that caused your pain.

What Caused CRPS? 

Spero Clinic CRPS Spero Clinic CRPS

Your body was in trouble and it was sick and set up to develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  This can happen because of things like your genetics, the inflammation in your body, emotional trauma, underlying infections you were not aware of.  The injury was simply the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Spero Clinic CRPSCRPS Spero Clinic treatment

Another way to look at that is to think of it as the perfect storm, where all these things come together, and the result of that was Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Spero clinic CRPS

It is important that you understand that CRPS was not caused by just one event, and if you’re going to heal it, it’s not just going to be healed by one thing or one procedure.  It has to be turned around, as a whole, so that the body can heal from within, as a whole.

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