Michelle Gives Her Testimonial Of Her Journey With CRPS

Video Summary

  • Michelle lost the use of her right leg due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, with numerous muscles shutting down, rendering her unable to walk without crutches.
  • She experienced intense pain, rating it between seven and eight on the pain scale.
  • Following her treatment, Michelle reports a complete cessation of pain, now rating it at zero.
  • She expresses enthusiasm about resuming active pursuits such as walking, CrossFit, and hiking.
  • Michelle is looking forward to engaging in activities she missed out on due to her previous inability to walk.

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Suffering from a Neurological disorder can be incredibly isolating, hopeless and frightening and we understand that. Our treatment protocols are not meant to directly treat CRPS. What we work to achieve is the rehabilitation of the central nervous system.

The nervous system is a collective of nerves stemming throughout your body with the brain as the controller. Your nervous system controls all of the information that your body transmits to communicate with your brain. In the case of CRPS, your nervous system being damaged, can severely malfunction and send signals in the extreme to simple sensory input. i.e. – the wind blows on your hands and it feels like a terrible burn. By relaxing and rehabilitating the nervous system, as well as correcting any other imbalances within your brain and body, we hope to reset and restore the proper functionality of the systems within your body.

** We are currently the only facility in the world offering this treatment, our expertise is constantly being developed.

Each patient brings new knowledge and a better understanding of conditions that are widely misunderstood. At The Spero Clinic, it enables us to consistently mold and change our treatment protocol to be the most effective that we possibly can.


Video Transcript

  • [What brought you to Spero? What were your pain levels at when you first came to Spero?]
  • I had completely lost the use of my right leg.
  • Numerous muscles had shut down and I was on crutches and I couldn’t walk my pain was at a seven or an eight.
  • [What is your pain at now?]
  • Zero no pain whatsoever.
  • [What are you looking for going home?]
  • I’m looking forward to everything just walking doing CrossFit hiking everything I’ve been unable to do because I haven’t been able to walk.


Watch Michelle Ring The Bell After 1.5 Years With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome!

Video Summary

  • Michelle’s Journey: Michelle developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after a simple knee surgery in May 2022, which led to significant nerve damage and early stage CRPS. This condition drastically changed her active lifestyle, eventually causing her to lose the use of her right leg by March 2023.
  • Treatment at The Spero Clinic: She underwent 38 weeks of intensive treatment at The Spero Clinic, where she learned to walk again. The therapy was both mentally and physically challenging, but her faith and the support from the clinic staff played crucial roles in her recovery.
  • Support System: Her husband, Jeremy, was a pivotal support throughout her illness, managing household duties and providing emotional support. Michelle also acknowledges her son Kayen and other family and friends for their prayers and encouragement.
  • Graduation and Recovery: Michelle celebrated her graduation from The Spero Clinic’s program, marking a significant milestone in her recovery. She expressed gratitude to the clinic’s staff and doctors for their dedication and the effective treatment program that helped her heal.
  • Reflection on Healing: Michelle’s speech highlighted her spiritual journey and the personal strength gained through her ordeal. She emphasized the life-changing impact of the clinic’s program and her return to an active lifestyle, including running and jumping, crediting her recovery to divine intervention and the comprehensive care she received.

Video Transcript


  • “Hi, we are live from The Spero Clinic. We have a graduation today. This one is very special to me. We had a great bond since she’s been here. Great times, lots of laughs, going to miss you but we’re not going to start that yet. So, this is Michelle. Michelle has had CRPS for a year and a half and leaving at zero today.”

Michelle’s Speech:

  • “In May of 2022, I had a simple knee scope that changed my life. That one simple routine surgery left me with significant nerve damage in early-stage CRPS.”
  • “I went from being extremely active and on the go all the time to being unable to walk, and it was devastating.”
  • “By March of 2023, I had completely lost the use of my right leg and I was on crutches. Numerous muscles had shut down.”
  • “I’ve been here at the clinic for 38 weeks learning how to walk again, and it has been the hardest thing I have had to go through mentally and physically.”
  • “But God has been by my side every step of the way. He has carried me through the hardest days and I know the fact that I’m graduating today is in His perfect timing.”
  • “Because a year ago this week I was sitting on a plane headed to Columbia for stem cell therapy and I had no idea what was going on in my body. I just knew I was in a ton of pain and I couldn’t walk normally.”
  • “And as I was sitting on that plane I was reading my Bible in Psalm 41:3 says ‘If the Lord sustains him on his sick bed; in his illness, you restore him to full health’ and in that moment, I heard God say to me, ‘I’m going to sustain you every day and I’m going to restore your health.'”
  • “Yes, and I have clung to that promise for the past year and it has been what has kept me fighting every single day. And I’m not just walking, I’m running.”


  • “There are so many people I need to thank because I would not be here without them and I’m going to try to do this without completely losing it.”
  • “Jeremy, thank you for loving me through the hardest time of my life. Thank you for praying for me and praying with me. Thank you for holding me when I cried, and I know there were moments you cried too.”
  • “Everything fell on your shoulders: running a business, cleaning the house, cooking, everything because I physically could not help and you never once complained.”
  • “You looked at me and you would say ‘it’s my honor to take care of you.’ On the days when I was mentally and physically exhausted and I didn’t think I could go on, you would encourage me to keep fighting.”
  • “You would say ‘you’re the most stubborn and determined person I know and if anybody can do this, you can.'”
  • “When doctors wouldn’t listen to me and tried to blow me off, you did everything within your power to make them listen.”
  • “I often refer to you as my Bulldog, but what I’m most thankful for is that you believed me when I told you I felt like there was a disconnection between my brain and my body. Other people looked at me like I was crazy, but you believed me. Thank you. I love you.”
  • “Kayen, you were my motivation. You may not know this but before I started at the clinic, I made a list of goals I wanted to be able to accomplish, and one of those goals was one day in the future when you get married, I wanted to be able to dance at your wedding.”
  • “And I’m going to be able to do that. Thank you for praying for me and encouraging me when your dad was out of town.”
  • “You stepped up in a big way to help me. You sat through numerous NMR sessions with me and you were with me when I hit my first one 100 and that was pretty special.”
  • “Thank you to all my friends and family who prayed for me and encouraged me. I wouldn’t be here without you today.”
  • “Your phone calls and text messages came on the days I needed them most and I can’t thank you enough for them.”
  • “God has taken my pain and he’s written a beautiful story about his goodness and faithfulness. He sustained me every day and he has restored me.”
  • “He has healed me. And every single patient at this Clinic, everyone who works here from the people at the front to the people in the back, to all the therapists and doctors who played a role in my healing, and I can’t thank you enough.”
  • “Dr. Kay, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of this program that you’ve created. Mainstream doctors failed me, but the program you created has allowed my body to heal and I can’t thank you enough.”
  • “Dr. T and Dr. Lauren, thank you for being a constant source of encouragement. You listened to me on my good days and my bad days and on the days I was frustrated.”
  • “The two of you would remind me that nerve damage isn’t a quick fix, it takes time, and y’all were right. The two of you were two of my biggest cheerleaders and you helped me celebrate not just the big things, but the little things and I thank you for that.”
  • “I spent weeks in cold laser therapy with Tyler and I can’t thank that Tyler enough for all he did for me because it was a game-changer.”
  • “When I got to the clinic I was a neurological wreck and it took a team of NMR therapists to get me to where I am today.”
  • “Katie, thank you for working with me the past two weeks, it’s been fun. Tori, Aniston, and Maggie, thank you for stepping in when y’all were needed.”
  • “Bailey, thank you for working with me the first 10 weeks, you introduced me to the arc wave and that was not fun but you pushed me in the calmest, nicest way possible.”
  • “You would always say ‘yes, you can,’ when I was thinking I really don’t think I can. Thank you. You’re welcome.”
  • “Case, you began to teach me to walk and I can’t thank you enough. You always had a way of just looking at me and knowing when I was struggling.”
  • “You always encouraged me and you would say ‘you’ve got this.’ Thank you so much for pushing me and never giving up on me. I’m so grateful for you.”
  • “Ry, I’ve got a lot to say about you, just bear with me. The good stuff. Are you going to pay me back? Hold up that thought.”
  • “I was terrified of him. Absolutely terrified of him. But I quickly learned some things about Bryce. He’s always right, nothing is ever his fault, and he quickly became my favorite narcissist.”
  • “But you’re not one if you admit it though. Let me. I also learn he’s got youart and my successes were his successes. He pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed.”
  • “I would leave NMR wondering if my heart was even beating correctly because he made it blatantly obvious that nothing else was working correctly. He was. You did. He was so hard on me. So hard on me.”
  • “And he would say but you always respond so well to it. And I would think, do I? I never knew what he was going to have me do.”
  • “I felt like a circus monkey but Bryce had to be running and jumping and lunging. He made me join the one spin to 100 Club and I don’t recommend that.”
  • “It was fun. I never want to do it again. It’s one of those things you do at once. You don’t have to. Bry, God knew I you as an NMR therapist and I can’t thank you enough.”
  • “It’s been an honor and after everything you put me through and it was a lot, I do it again. A heart. You did it great. Thank you.”

Final Remarks and Graduation Ceremony:

  • “You did it great. Thanks, everybody, come. Come up here, Katie, Tor, come up here too. Everybody involved this whole team.”
  • “It took a village. You took a village to get you back. You were very in a bad place. You know, she was living a very active life, you know.”
  • “Um, you take a look at her and her husband, they’re in great shape, great health, they, they CrossFit, they, they enjoy the outdoors and she couldn’t do anything, really.”
  • “She had to lug a crutch around or two and you know, was operating on one leg and that wasn’t that good either. Um, like she said, she’s got it all back now.”
  • “She can run, she can jump, she’s back to training, she’s back to working out. I don’t think her and her husband have had any reservations of doing much of anything in the last couple of months here.”
  • “You’ve been on vacations, you’ve held together through them. I think it’s safe to say you’ve managed the stress well of the therapy so great job Michelle, I can’t say enough good stuff about you.”
  • “Alright, are you ready for your moment? Let’s do [Applause] it thanks for coming everybody.”

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