Dr. Lucas

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Lucas is my father and my first mentor. He is the reason I chose to help the very sick. I once asked my father why he continued to attend seminars and learn, as skilled as he already was. His answer became a major driving force in my life: “It’s not the eight out of ten patients that you help that keep you from sleeping at night, it’s the two out of ten that you don’t help”. My dad is universally beloved by patients and brings with him a major skill: He uses a technique that addresses the stress caused by emotional trauma, which negatively impacts patients’ lives in a multitude of ways. In my experience, almost every single patient who suffers from severe long term pain and illness also suffers from PTSD. Dr. Lucas’s work is invaluable in this field.

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CRPS treatment clinic patient Bria with dr.katinka